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running sheep - runner

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No matter how old are you - you will enjoy this colorful and absorbing game about ram's family.One-touch navigation - it is joyfully and easy!With your help brave Bara-ram will break down all obstacles on his way, and his family will buy a new house. You think it is easy game? Don't be fast with a conclusions! You will meet many enemies, which wants to prick and press you, to throw down the water. But there are many friends which can help you to cross big abysses and lead you to victory.- Collect coins for your family and strawberries for little rams.- Fly on a dragonfly through clouds.- Make dizzy jumps with jet engine on your back.- Avoid the fly agarics - they make turn the world.- Fight with three bosses which wants to deprive you of all. Spend your time with Bara-ram and other funny characters. Go only forward to the win!